More adversity needs more motivation

It’s been a tough slog at the new job and moving into a new place but my goodness I’m trying some good tactics to make it work.

The 10-12 hour work days and lack of exercise is leaving the body tired and achy. Even the manager has been checking in to pep talk the team on pushing through these though months with even more to come.

Thing to remember;

  1. They don’t call it work for nothing 🙂
  2. Everyone has a struggle, use it as a chance to grow and support others.
  3. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.
  4. Eat well, sleep well and nurture the body.
  5. Mediate after every shower to set intention for the day.


Have I been doing the above lately to endorse this? Nope. I’ve let things slide and ended up having negative thoughts and creating convincing reasons in my head to give it all up and just go home where things were simpler.

Then I remembered I needed a new ‘Why’.

At first I thought I could do it for others and then realised, no – I must do this for myself. Putting it on others means (for me) it’s expecting something from them in return. That’s a mistake that just leads to disappointments from subconscious expectations.

I need self motivation to push my ‘self’ to do it. So my ‘why’ is for me, myself and I. The younger me who wanted to have control of her life. The present me who wants to change things for the better and the future me, who will be grateful for the hard craft and strength building to deal with bigger adversities for herself and her family.

Adversity and struggle will always present itself in one way or another. It’s the motivation needed at this time to push through.

This sounds like a lot of work and effort, but based on current circumstances, it’s the best option to be where I’ve been working to be.

Have tried listening to Spotify motivational playlists, making protein snacks and cognitive supplements to improve mental capacity at work and it’s paying off. Layering on all of the tactics, because in this contrast of struggle, I’m going to give as good as I get.

Come on life, let’s have it!


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