The unknown

It’s been two months since the last post and with so much happening so fast, it’s only now I’ve got a moment to sit down and reflect.

In February I handed in my notice at work. It became so conflicting and uncomfortable to not be myself, that it didn’t feel right to stay. I mentioned in the exit meeting that life is too short to spend heartbeats at a place that no longer provides growth and I had been happy with my experience and time there.

Leaving this job also meant making the decision to give up sponsorship to live in Australia. I went into work feeling I made the right decision and then got home in the evenings to feeling upset and regretting giving up living in a beautiful place. I didn’t feel ready to go back to the UK, I didn’t even know if I’d be going back into corporate or starting a new career in coaching / counselling.

I booked a 3 week holiday in NZ, Cairns and Cambodia to make the most of this 2 year travel stint (origionally meant to be 6 months) and broke the news to family and friends back home that I was returning.

That was within the first week of given notice.

The week prior I had attended a Meetup for MBTI and Introverts Sydney (according to reassessed MBTI tests, I’m actually an extrovert and not intervert) which was an interesting discovery. I got talking a guy there and the time just flew everytime we met up thereafter. Following handing in the notice, I got to know this guy more and we grew fond of each other and wanted to make the most of our time together whilst I was in Sydney, not knowing if I was going to return to live in Sydney or not, he still wanted to spend time with me and bond over food and walks.

Two weeks after handing in the notice a recruitment agent called to say there was a job opportunitiy for me in Sydney and she was sure they would transfer my sponsorship to stay. Excited at the prospect I attended two inteviews, both of which were with most of the team and an amazing manager who we overan just talking about common interested and business logic. There was one week of absolutely not knowing where my future was going to be and I had to sell most of my things, thinking that I was still going home, but also kept the most expensive / required things in a small storage for a month incase I was staying – I ended up getting a job offer two days before flying to New Zealand.

The unknown became known. I was going to return back to Sydney to find a new place and start my new job, with a new relationship and it all just happened in the space of two months. It’s all still very new and slightly uncertain but I’ve worked on getting comfortable with being uncomfortable and looking to enjoy every minute of this holiday break whilst I can to reset the previous mentality and see with fresh eyes to the new unknown.





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