Survival and Mindfullness

Have you ever noticed that when going on holiday, everything seems brighter, fresh, vibrant, tastes better, feels better and when you return home, it’s back into the autopilot routine?

When in a place we’re not familiar with, it’s known that people go into survival mode. This means our senses our heightened to be more alert and present with everything that’s going on around us.

Mindfullness can be exactly that. Being present with everything that is going on with the senses. Moving internal talk out of the mind and replacing it with the senses of what’s going on outside and connecting that to the inside.

How easy is it to switch into survival mode when travelling, compared to the concept of going into mindfullness with that feeling of needing to be a well practiced monk or spiritual practitioner. Without knowing it, humans are mindful creatures when it comes to assessments for survival.

How does this apply to the flight and fight mode?

When ever there’s that energy that build up inside before a performance or confrontation , there’s enerfy that you’ve given a label – such as nervousness, anxiety or butterflies for example. By associating that energy with a negative notion, it sets an easy path to convince your mind and body that something is not right, trigger of panic which leads to physical symptoms such as the sweats, loss for words and shakiness.

Mindfullness and survival mode can help switch that flight mode into fight mode.

Using the awareness of the room acoustics, the feeling of the ground underneath the feet, position and bringing the awareness of the energy that is arising from within. Use this awareness to transfer that energy into the body as a charge to channel that output. Try imagining this energy is support to carry you through and tune into it to feel it’s very power. Have fun with it, give that energy a name or character that is there to drive you through on another level for yourself.

You cannot stop energy in motion. It is after all an e-motion, and that works perfectly for performances and having energy to be extra alert.


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  1. This has been a really interesting read! The first point you mentioned about our senses being heightened when we’re on holiday, and therefore everything feels better and memorable. That’s so true but I never realised! Thanks for the enlightening post 🙂


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