Giving it time

When a event happens, big or small, it’s easy to make quick decisions. Some rational, some not. Whether it’s a saying something or taking a life changing decision, it may change things with a great effect rippling down the timeline.

But what it the timeline? Emotions are there to tell us to act, aren’t they?

This use to be my irrational minds’ thought even five days after the event. Words can’t help themselves but leave my mouth and leave that impression of those present emotions, but the life changing actions… that’s where patience is required and I remind myself;

This too shall pass

If it’s something that’s similar to events fromo the past;

You have dealt with much worse than this, it’ll work out

And when it’s something that’s new and my thoughts and emotions feel like they’re all over the place;

What do I need to learn about this experience, what is this really about for me and what are these emotions trying to tell me?

Just little reminders like this help take a step back from making decisions fuelled by emotions. Emotions are fleeting but decisions are not always as easily dismissed.

Give it time, this too shall pass or those lessons will be learnt as it’s there, shifting around your emotions for a reason.  Even if it doesn’t feel like it now, it will be something to look back on and laugh or at least be grateful for.


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