Fear itself

As part of the development research I had joined into a live coaching webinar with the strategic intervetion coaches Mark and Magali Peysha, holding the webinar for  “Strategic Intervention New Years Training Series”.

On creating fearless growth, they worked with the group on facing the emotions that provide the sense of blocking growth. In the Q&A, I stated that when talking to fear, I asked…

Is there a part of you that wishes to protect me or care for me?

The first thing that came to mind was…

No not really, it’s your life not mine

My question was, is this me detatched in order to move away from ambracing fear, or just the result of the excersice that distances the emotion from the self in order to seperate it?

Magali’s response was that sometimes, we can take on other people’s emotions and even the worlds’ collective emotions and make them our own.

It was a dumbstruck moment for me and the feat essentional melted away and the heart felt light. It really wasn’t my fear. I have nothing to fear from within myself right now but for some reason feel fear for the things I cannot control because it is not of my doing and not in my power to make right.

There is nothing to fear, even fear itself. It is an moving energy force that can arise from within, from conflicting with values and beliefs, or that of the external and collective values and beliefs. Fear and any other emotion, positive or negative can be seen as friendly characters holding flags. When these conflicting emotions arise in the future, I will be using the same strategy to check-in and ask how they’re going and what it’s about or if there’s something I should be learning about myself, situation or relationship in that point of time.

Left misunderstood, emotions can go onto releasing unecessary hormones, producing symptoms of stress. Making mountains out of mole-hills. It was nice to see this negative emotion for what it was, just an ball of energy waving a flag.

Nice meeting with you fear, until next time!




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