Affirmative affirmations

What is an affirmation and what does it really mean?

According to the dictionary it means;

The action or process of affirming something.
synonyms: assertion, declaration, statement, proclamation, assurance.

When discussed on how do affirmations fall into NLP, there were points made onto how affirmations are statements that support what is lacking in the belief system or quantifying the self. Therefor, by repeating affirmations, it’s supporting the belief that there is something that needs fixing in order to make that belief go away. One self-talk affirmations for example;

My confidence, self esteem, and inner wisdom are increasing with each day.

Associating the self with confidence and self-esteem in a way that inclines it needs increasing, is setting this as a belief. This is already supporting that something is not enough, or that there is a need or want that’s causing a form of struggle that is being put into focus.

Being someone who enjoys reading goal setting affirmations and those of philopshers and dreamers, I was surprised to agree with this statement but also found from a different perspective, it could be incredibly useful.
The affirmative affirmations
What if affirmations were not for the things we feel will make everything better, but for the things that help dissipate the beliefs that cause those internal struggles.

I am not going to define myself with levels of confidence or self esteem. There is inner wisdom with each day.

Ackwoledge the belief and break it down, out-loud. Let that emotions rise up and out whilsts saying it, feel the belief struggle to stay, but don’t hold onto it. Let it come and go.

Even by taking it into third person perspective to objectify in order to detach;

There is no confidence or self esteem. There is inner wisdom with each day.

The ego will take the mind wandering to many places through various perspective lenses, by moving away from the 1st person perspective, this helps elimate that ‘self talk’ and put things into a new light.

Happy affirmations!


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