Subconscious shift

It’s apparent that there’s been a change in my subconscious in the last few weeks since completing the NLP course. My dreams have changed significantly and this feels like it’s been connected to the conscious shifts that have been implemented in the realisations of what was not serving me and what needed to be deconstructed in order to see the bigger picture.

Before, the dreams were either running away from something, along with a group of strangers or on a mission to find something. Almost like a movie from 3rd perspective, it was over dramatic and intense but unlike nightmares, there was no emotional attachment to what was going on. Another was being in houses, going in and out of rooms looking for something. Sometimes it was the same house that wasn’t mine and have other people looking in and out of rooms, sometimes it was my house but one I’ve never physically seen in real life and other times it was other peoples houses.

I can see how this reflected beliefs I had that if I didn’t put in the effort to progress in life I will fall into the unknown and that wasn’t an option I was willing to take. The house being the mind, trying to understand it, explore and find answers in rooms where nothing was obvious.

Now these dreams are relaxed. They sometimes have family and friends in them and sometimes have strangers who feel like very close friends. I feel self-conscious in the dream. It’s like an awareness of my being and the emotions connected with these people and myself. Like a liberating embrace of feeling love and loving being there.

These are feelings I recently have been consciously trying to attract in my life and being with the kind of beings I want to be around. The subconscious is not focusing on the worries of the unknown and 3rd perspectives but on listening to the inner emotions, needs and wants. 

It feels like a break through of 20 odd years of dreams of running away from things. Here’s to many more positive shifts in the mind.



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