Looking out a different viewpoint

There is the tool called the four quadrants to view events and relationships in both subjective and objective perspectives and as individuals and as a collective.

Thoughts, emotions can reframed to produce an alternative actions, thoughts or emotions by see the events or relations on a matter through a different quadrant.

One thing I noticed about depression was how stuck in the internal, 1st person perspective everything was. The stem of paranoia, judgements and built up emotions all created by non-tangible thoughts, all resonating associations with identity and beliefs.


However, when going into meditation, on walks or through writing or reading – These experiences put everything into context. Places the thought processes in 3rd person perspectives (individual and external quadrant) or 4th window perspective (collective and external quadrants), showing the bigger picture.

The difference that these views bring is the presence of emotions in the internal quadrants and absence of them when seeing things in an external (to self) objective context.


Graph taken from Arthur Blomme’s article – Neuro-Logical Levels in Four Quadrants

Should it come in handy to anyone – if you find your stuck deep in emotions and want to attempt letting go of that heavy emotion – Try the exercise of seeing things from a 3rd person perspective and/or the bigger picture. It’s might provide a new view and information that was missing, distorted and filtered out when all consumed in the 1st person view.

Happy self discoveries lovely beings!



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