Catalyst for change

Whilst traveling in Darwin I had finished reading a book called ‘The Alchemist’ which had revived a great sense of adventure with my inner child. Alchemy is changing the states of objects using methods of catalysation.

As humans, we cannot avoid changing states. Whether it’s spiritually, emotionally or physically, things will change. As simple as it sounds – The more elements you throw into learning, living, thinking or just being, the more change is likely to happen. This includes the environments we may not want to be in. It feels like we’re being tested or things are hard to get through, but if it’s seen as more of a catalyst to come out strong on the other side, use that opportunity. Every struggle is an opportunity to learn and grow.

Having travelled some more of this beautiful country, I have found people and new environments are my catalyst and charge for moving forward in this life’s mission (or personal legend as it’s stated in the book – great read!).

The more people I met and places I went, the more things I had learnt and felt. Even something simple such as asking strangers what is their fun fact – It’s a great ice breaker and educational. Connecting with people provides so much positive energy to exchange and smiles to share.

Coming back from just 2 week of travels, I noticed things in the city that I hadn’t seen before and I’d been wandering around there for the last 20 months. It’s like a new mindset or expanded vision had come back with me – A most welcome change indeed.

A new promise to myself is to get somewhere or do something not yet explored at least once a month. I’d recommend finding your catalyst for growth or at least have fun exploring.

Happy travels on your life missions!


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