Getting your appetite back

I found when I was depressed, I lost my appetite and would rather stay in bed then make anything thing to eat. When I did eat, it would be icecream or takeaway pizza to boost up energy levels. Financially it wasn’t great and the feeling after was always sickly, and unfortunately a very easy cycle to stay in.

I also learnt about empty calories – when your body is hungry, it’s craving minerals, vitamins, protein and carbs, not just to get something in the stomach. So when you’ve had a fast food meal and still peckish, that’s the body saying it didn’t get enough of the supplements it needed from the meal and still craves it. Thus, you eat more substances and calories that don’t contain what your body needs.

To break this cylcle and start feeling good on the body intake and induce happy chemicals in the brain, here are some tips on how I slowly started looking after my diet;

  • Write down at least three of your favourite homely meals that you love to remind yourself that there is always something to plan to eat ahead in the week:
    • Roast dinner – Leftovers can last for a few days to be used in other dishes
    • Quick and easy classics with lots of nutrients – grilled vegs and fish, vegatable stir fry, tacos or mixed tapas
  • Note some easy to make snacks:
    • Be creative with minimal effort – creativity bring the fun into preparing food and it tastes a lot better when it’s been a successful experiment.
    • Simple lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber salad with salt – easy and tasty premeal.
    • Pan prepared popcorn which can be flavoured with salt, cinnamon dust or truffle oil.
    • Anything on toast! Avocado, eggs and hot sauce is a personal favourite.
    • Creative juices – 7 ingredients challenge (2 fruits, 2 vegatables, 2 spices / seasonings, 1 liquid base).
    • Greek yogurt with varied fruits, cereal and seeds to mix up flavours each day.
  • Get inspired with new recipieces:
    • There’s cooking shows on youtube, nexflix and other streaming apps
    • Pintrest has lots of interesting and creative ideas
    • Hardback book, great for flicking through the pictures and getting your appetite back.

If you’re still feeling low on energy, you can always remind yourself you can get back into bed with some of the yummy food if you wanted to… but once you’re up and got inspired, best case scenerio is you won’t want to!

Bon appetite!


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