Ever so grateful

Having just returned from two weeks of adventure therapy, I’ve been anticipating sharing some experiences and logging these moments in hope of savouring them for the future.

One note I couldn’t wait to write down whilst on the train between Mount Fuji and Tokyo, was an overwhelming feeling of gratitude when reminicing the previous four days. The heart felt full and my eyes began to well up. It had been a long while since I had felt this, maybe it was the heart overpouring with gratitude or happiness, it just felt sublime.

I had met up with a friend in Osaka, who had flown in from the UK. It had been a year since we had last travelled together and six month since I had seen him last Christmas when I’d flown home. It was so good to be with my ‘brother from another mother’ on new ventures.

Everyone we met were kind and gracious. We were given samples of food, people offered directions when we were looking cluelessly at the train maps, forgiving of our terrible Japenese communication attempts and just smiles and giggles all round.

The day we trekked up Mount Fuji, we were super positive. Everytime there was a moment of exhaustion, we’d tell each other terrible jokes and even burst into songs such as ‘Eye of the tiger’ to grimace through it. Other times we would have our heads down and nod at each other to check-in. When my hip joints started aching and the steep step ups seemed daunting, without a word he was hold out his hand. When ever he seemed fazed and winded, I took the camel pack water nozzle to him to take sips and keep hydrated. It became an automated sync of looking out for each other. There was a worrying moment when he started to show signs of altitude sickness and my legs were not willing to take steps forward. We were 2 hours away from the hut we had booked at the summit but we didn’t want to chance it. We enquired in to the fully booked hut and asked if there were any beds available by chance. Luckily they did and were even serving up dinner as we arrived.

It’s easy to forget amazing times like this are possible when trapped in a mental state of depression. The good memories from previous travels, the kindness of friends, the possiblilities of how beautiful this world can be, all blinkered when stuck in that filtered mind state.

I’ll always remember that mountain climb as a lesson in this life. It may have been an exhausting and mentally testing climb, but for that teamwork, patience, diligence and focus to make it above the clouds to witness those shooting stars and for the break of a new day – It was worth it.

Forever grateful.


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