“Will you be back next year?”… “Sure, if I’m still here”

…Said the ski geared lady packing up, on her way home.

Being 85, I’d be so lucky if I’ll make it“, she said.

Oh well I do hope do, would be good to see you again“, said the other.

They both giggled and parted ways. At the time I was left dumb founded but there was a delayed giggle a few hours later when I recalled their conversion.

It was my first time skiing and it was such an eye opening and self growing experience, but these two ladies left a huge impression on me. My own grandmother ,bless her heart, is the same age but would be extremely cautious of me doing such things, let alone doing sports herself.

These ladies on the snow, ready to head home after a their time on the mountain reminded me that age is not an obstacle. Only the mindset is. Humour will see us through those morbid thoughts, statistics and negative social conforms.

Note to self: Live life to the full, age isn’t nothing but a thought process.


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