Types of meditation

As someone who’s attempted sticking to meditation a few times and fell out of it due to thinking I couldn’t get it right, only needed to when stressed or simply didn’t have time –

I’ve come to learn that meditation is an easier concept to grasp than orgionally thought.


There are multiple reasons and more to go into meditation, here are a few I find handy;

  1. Quieten the mind
  2. Clear out thoughts, finding the prominant ones and addressing them
  3. Tuning into the body, finding any tension or disconnect
  4. Working on energising the chakras
  5. Looking for guidance


Meditation can be from as little as 10 minutes to as long as however many hours you feel (sleep also counts as meditation). Go with your flow.


On the public transport (with headphones), after a shower in the morning, in the park during lunch or last thing before bed. It doesn’t matter where you are physically, you are essentially going into your head space.

There are many ways to start learning about meditation and my goodness, there are so many different techniques used all over the world I don’t even know where to start. Resources I’ve come across are from the following;

Busy lifestlye? Try an app to listen to on public transport or in the park during lunch – https://www.headspace.com/

Want to get fully immersed? Try an intensive retreat that’s guided every step of the way. There’s mixed reviews on this method but it’s there if needed – https://www.dhamma.org/en/index

Only want to practice in the privacy of your home?  Check out the meditation listening tracks on youtube or learn via guided meditation specialists. I was introduced to Kelly Howell’s tracks when I mentioned to Reiki therapist that I was finding it hard to sleep. The guided meditation tracks work with soundwaves to sync up with the various conscious and subconscious brainwave states. Gets me to sleep everytime! –   http://www.brainsync.com/

Would be great to hear any other meditation tips or experiences!



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