Looking out for the heart

During last weeks meditations, I noticed my heart felt heavy and my throat was a little choked up. I assumed it was blocked chakras and worked on breathing into those areas to cleanse and clear it up, which it did. But this was temporary.

The next time I did a meditation, the feeling came back even stronger. Instead of trying to breath through it, I focused this meditation on asking why I was feeling this and then tried clearing the mind to let the answers come. I started to recognise that this feeling in my heart was of fear, isolation and anxiousness. In my head, this didn’t make sense, as my conscious thoughts and focus were around being driven, positive and determined, but my heart was telling me what it felt.

Then I had an internal conversation which felt like I was observing a friend talking to another, but it was my head and my heart. The mind or higher self started reassuring my heart that everything is going to be ok. That I will not let anything bad happen (to the heart) again, that it will take care of it and be looking out for it, and be making sure no-one will exhaust it’s energy to the point of depression again. Tears came flooding out and the choked up feeling was released. There was a washed over feeling of love and my heart lifted and felt full. I didn’t understand it before when I was told in a reading that I needed to learn self-compassion, but this was that realisation. For the first time in a long time, I feel a re-assuring connection within myself.

It makes sense. By asking for validation from others and even via readings, on a deeper level I was scared that I would make the wrong decisions internally in my thoughts and externally with others. I couldn’t trust myself.
Steps to building trust, knowing myself and the inner chakra team:Check in every now and then

      – there may be a disconnect that needs tuning into.

Be your best support

      – trust there will always be strength when it’s needed most.

Compassion inside and out

    – be there for yourself to be able to be there for others.

I feel immense gratitude with the determined attidue inside and even more so after this meditation to learn, like anyone, the heart is fragile but it has a voice (vibration) to remind me.

Wishing you a fine tunage of chakras, soul and mind.




  1. Fantastic post, thanks for sharing, is not the best when we realise , we let go, we are free. However, it is a cycle that will be repeated often as we have so much baggage to let go. Oh you touched my heart with this post, and thanks for sharing your view point and what you did to shift it. Love to learn different ways of shifting stuff. thank you so much – perfect post, perfect timing, so glad I was able to find the time to read it.

    I am struggling to juggle part time work and blogging and reading. Haven’t worked for two years, due to family health issue. family health issue still there however, a bit stable – so only going part time work.

    have a great day… thanks again for sharing this. Bella

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    • Hi Bella, thank you for your post and kind words. You’re right, the cycles happen to repeat themselves and new lessons are learnt every time from we let go of that familiarity. With everything that is going on, I wish you enough of a challenge for amazing growth and enough light in your determination to see you through. Thank you for your amazing perspectives. All the best, A

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