Learnings from recovery

It’s hard to pin point what brought the peace of mind and shift from anxiety but there are three things I know for sure that helped.

1. Research

By reading specialist books, attending meetups and watching ted talks, the mind expands and opens up to the possibilities. This shines the light within the dark tunnel vision.

2. Community

Attending a class or group activity, or even reading blogs that is based on an interest helps with reconnecting with others and the higher self. Passions feed the soul and finding a common connection with outhers helps you realise you’re not as alone in this world as you might think.

3. Love

It felt naff and took a while to actually understand the meaning of loving myself or even showing people love who were incapable of providing it, but once it clicked, this became the biggest turnaround of them all. By allowing myself space, time, wellbeing, healthy eating, hopes and wishes – I was able to provide this to others. When others couldn’t provide it for me, I just stopped expecting it, sent them well wishes and focused on what mattered.

There are certain things that will work better for some than others, and the best way to discover what works for you is to explore, follow that pull deep within and let it take you were you need to go. The tunnel is an illusion that the mind has put there. Almost like the naming conventions that are put in place to make sense of what hasn’t been fully understood yet.  Once you take down each brick or ‘word’ that’s meant to ‘define’ things, you’ll see far and wide. Sometimes these discoveries have no defining name, but we don’t know what we don’t know and that’s ok. Gut feelings and intuition doesn’t need an explaination.





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