Media perceptions

The group think. The driver of politics, law, education, systems, economy and culture.

I’m starting to notice more and more how much the seperation of group think is starting to make the world aware of group think and it’s affect on the psyche of individuals.

I overhead someone saying how they turn off the tv before the news comes on in their house because they don’t want their children to see it. When 20 years back, it was a family event to tune into the news and see what was going on in the world. As well as seeing a lot of friends and family also posting similar messages on social media, it’s becoming evident the world is living in fear.

Then a video came up from The Project – Send forgiveness viral video on social media that used a lot of the media editing techniques, but the message seemed out of place in this format. It was a positive and constructive outlook on how to percieve the global events. The reporter came across vunerable and just the tone of his voice seemed convincing enough that it wasn’t just for ratings but some genuine messaging in there. Yes it says ‘Viral video’, but it’s for the purpose of awareness. Positive awareness and it’s beautiful to see the group think can be looked and shown in a compassionate light from outside the fear festering mainstream media.



  1. Great post 🙂 I personally stopped watching the news about 10 years ago, and honestly it has made a big impact on how I feel about the world. It is a personal choice for every person, but for me, my life is much better without it. – DMS


    • Same, I stopped watching the news in the UK at 19 and tried to tell my family to as well because they was constantly in a state of fear, talking about the news. I’ve noticed how awful the UK news reporting was since moving to Australia. It’s scary how much influence it has on people’s mindsets.

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  2. Powerful post , powerful video. I think fear is a biggie. But, we can’t blame others, there are lots of issues in the world. I think turning of the tv – may be we are fearful or may be it is easier to not to take individual responsibility for what we are doing on not doing. We have trashed nature, we hate each other, we never share love, peace, or kindness, – we don’t see each other as my family. We are all human, colour is just biology called melanin. Initially religions was created to keep us humans together. But for the want of a few to control – we have all of this happen. As we move away from our core human soul values of love, peace ,purity, wisdom and joy and we become more greedy,, lustful, ego, anger, attachment, selfish, we decline in our values to each other – we run out of purity – the purity of seeing another as my brother and sister. We are one godly family – but such a time we are in – we need to understand that we are heading toward and extremely dark time – if we carry on with all this hate and abuse.


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