Keeping out of trouble

There’s a saying my family would say if asked what we were up to, and the reply would normally be ‘Keeping out of trouble’. It’s a saying for ‘keeping busy’  and I’ve been finding myself saying it a lot lately. Mainly because I’ve been busy at work, catching up with friends and looking and places to move into over the last two weeks. Health wise, I thought I was on the up and took advantage of this new found level, vibration and energy by keeping on top of work and being productive but in the last day I’m starting to feel this pay back physically and mentally.


I’m wondering if I’m sliding back into the over-active mode again. Keeping myself busy so much that it’s like being the frog that’s sitting in the water in a pan over a stove that’s slowing heating up and I don’t realise it.

Signs are there, of being tired and anxious with the shaky leg, thoughts of ‘there must be something that I need to do’ or ‘I’ll relax next week, this week is productive week – on a roll!’. An honest colleague at work said I looked high and that I had massive bags under my eyes. They advised that I should get spray to get them refreshed. I’ve been very dependent on coffee too to get me through the day. Such easy habits to slip back into when things go full steam ahead in the corporate world.

Planning to stick to the holistic approach to get through these times but I’ve put meditation aside as I’ve had to be up early and been getting home late because of social engagements.

To avoid getting myself into the trouble I had before, I’m going to dedicate all week day mornings and two evenings a week to just myself and tell friends and family at home that I cannot skype or Whatsapp to the UK during the weekday mornings anymore. It’s pulling me away from the relaxed, planned morning routines and meditations, with is two steps back.

Going to get busy relaxing and keeping out of trouble!




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