Feeding the passion

When people ask why have I stopped playing music or dancing, the excuse that I’ve found myself saying over again is, ‘Life happened’. Work got busy or I met someone etc.

That’s an awful excuse now I look back on it. Life doesn’t just happen, it’s a continued state of flow. It’s what I allow to focus on in my life during those time periods that took priority over true passions. Too much focus on pleasing other people or using too much energy at work, leaving no room to excercise these passions. Leaving a feeling of emptiness, off-balance and with a sense of lost direction.

Last week I re-ignited a passion and my goodness, how quickly did that counteract all of those negative feelings.Things just seem clearer, there is more confidene in myself and my own guidance, simply from excercising a creativite passion.

Note to self: Never put passions aside for anyone or anything. Everything will have to work around those passions, this is what feeds the soul and that’s the most important thing in life in order to feel guidance.  If people believe their ego needs more time then your own passions and essentially, your growth and recharge time, they are passion killers. Don’t entertain that.




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