On another level

This morning I woke up and thought about this analogy. It’s about growth, and the mindset in this world.

We are all placed in this building (world) and move around from room to room (locations, work places, schools, social groups) on each level (phases of life).

From the ground we aspire to be where people on the top level are. We enjoy the company we keep and familiarity on our level and have doors that become available to us when we spot them and this helps us explore other possible rooms on our level.

Then once we’re ready to move up a level, the elevator opens for us. Some people aren’t happy when we’ve dissappeared from their level, because they want to move to the next level with you or without you they feel alone on that level or in a specific room. These doors are not showing themselves to them, either because they’re not looking in the right places or even at all. Some will wave goodbye, wish you well, even if they know they might see you again and those special kindred spirits will join you, seeing the same doors as opportunities for them also.

When you’veĀ  entered onto a new level in this building, the mind has expanded and you find you can return to the previous levels and rooms at any time. But you will seem different. Things will look different and all those people and habits you were all consumed with before are no longer the all consuming building that you live in. There are even rooms on those levels you may not have explored yet but will come back and try to look into now and then, but it will be with a new perspective.

You might come to a time where you’re in front of that lift and it doesn’t open but you’re determainted to get to the next level. Impatiently you find other ways to get onto the next level and this will be outside of the ‘normal’ route, the comfort zone or familiarity.

One way is via the thin, rickety steps on the fire escapes on the outside. It’s a harsh environment, no one wants to join you via that route or share the climb with you. No one can even understand your struggles as you feel alone with no one around. Others warn you that you might not be able to get back in or what if the other doors don’t open from the outside. Everyone only knows it’s safe to go up via the lifts. However, when outside, there is always a door or window within reach that you can bang on loud enough to get back in at any time when you’re tired and feel like giving up. When distressed or called for, there are those who are listening will help. There’s just no feeling of certainty.

Another route is inside of the building via the stairwell. You worked up a sweat to walk up those steps and there are a few others also climbing this route, it’s so tough you can’t acknowledge them being around you and you only focus on yourself to get up there. Just know there are others around you reminds you that you’re not alone.

When looking to make it to the top levels, these experiences are a neccessity. We can either choose to explore new levels within ourselves, expand our mindset and the world as we know it by looking for those doors and choosing those routes. Or we can safely stay in those room and never wander outside of those walls. It’s our choice, but as long as we remember that we are never alone in this world, we’ll all get to where we need to be together.



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