Meditation sessions – part 3

The last of the one-on-one meditation sessions with Becky was a mixed bag of lessons. Mainly lessons from failures and learning that things are still in motion or creating a message, even when I cannot percieve it in the given mindset.

In a professiobal code of conduct perspective, it felt unecessary to use 15 minutes of the paid for session on promoting other services to buy into and venting about a previous client and asking for a video testimonial as opposed to having one offered. Also, cutting the session 10 minutes short to ask to hold the camera whilst filming her conduct a social media task video. The lesson here may have been that not every independent coach will be able to have a grounded structure in place and may still be learning themselves on how to facilitate their lessons to others. For the testimonial feedback, I may advise that it would be beneficial to acknowledge that the values on what a clients parted finances go to and is spent on should be respected. It was neither right or wrong to want to self-promote, just might advise that lesson plans are put in place for future clients and that time is dedicated to their development. Maybe it was that monetary value shouldn’t have such a high regard in my development during these sessions and that time and money are irrelevant in a spiritual journey.

On another lesson during this session, it was good to clarify that when getting into habit of meditating, there will be relapses of not being able to let go of thoughts as easily and that’s ok. As I was almost ready to accept that I would not have same results as the previous sessions and didn’t feel as thought I could let go of thoughts and wasn’t as deep as before, I started seeing chinese refences. All random images like propaganda in media, faces and people walking in the street of a city.

With all that’s going on in the external environment (Brexit and being in a busy city with a high chinese population), I assumed this was my mind pulling impressionabal thoughts that had been aborbed in the previous weeks and was ready to dismiss them.

When I stood up from the mat a tiny mud crab toppled down the mat and onto the grass. Becky got excited and said this was a sign, and to look up the meaning. Creatures appear in the most unconventional locations as a message to remind us something. juveniles20mub20crab

After researhing online, mud crab did not show up under any finds for ‘Sydney park mud crabs’, but there were a lot of results for mud crabs imported from china. The spiritual research on the meaning of a crab was interesting. A common message was that the crab will move sideways in order to get to it’s destination and that it’s ok. It might not be the direct route, but it is a journey that is needed to get to the desired destination. In my case, this put my mind at ease that although I want a career change as soon as possible, my options might not provide the quickest route, but it will be the journey worth taking.

If anyone else has ever had a similar experience as a client or with a client and could share words of wisdom, it would be good to hear another perspective.


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