Meditation sessions – part 2

Today’s meditation session started a little late, without a mat full of anxiousness for the hearing. I was all over the place!

Becky (meditation coach) was super chilled and very curteous and reassured me that I could put the who thing in a different perspective.

In today’s mantra, the words were ‘Sri, Shering, Namaha’. Bowing and honouring the goddess Lakshmi, without and within. The same steps from yesterday, except this time, the mantra popped up automatically during the third round of 10 minute meditations. The visual of water droplets spraying across came back from yesterdays session, and this reminded me to ask Becky, should I be focusing on taking these visuals further or try to quieten them?

She answered that these visuals are different from thoughts, and both should be allowed to come and go as they please. Never holding onto them.kf10041

I mentioned that I had visualised the pencil pot that I owned on my class desk when I was at school, and wondered if this was accessing memories. Becky asked me, what was it I did with those pencils in that pot, and I that I was being sent a message that I needed to reignite that use. I had been thinking about getting back into studying and have been enjoying feeding the curious mind recently with researching topics in psychology. Perhaps this is a sign to get that pencil pot at the ready to prepare for studies.

Not sure if it would be down to the meditations but the hearing went extremely well. Along with a clearer thinking at work, super chilled vibes and the success of the hearing, feeling super prosperous already!



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