Me, myself and I

I’ve been trying to seperate out my points of view on choosing how to react to situations or stimuli from the internal and external environments and found that by using three perspectives, it’s helped mediate thoughts and come to satisfactory conclusions.

Here’s two situtations from the past week that explains how I’ve used it.

Situation 1.

A friend of mine has been deeply conflicted in this relationship she has with a man who is married to someone else. No one’s opinion, least of all mine was going to help her figure it out or justify how to move forward. So I said to her, “What do you think is best for you right now? What would the 10 year old you say if she could give you advice and what would the person you want to be in 10 years say to you, if she were to look back on this situation?” She had a lightbulb moment and we were able to move on.

Situation 2.

The majority of voters in the UK has just made a decision to leave the EU. A lot of friends and family are posting on social media and it’s mainly emotionally driven statements from both sides. Being a Brit, the ID in me wants to vent my emotion and give my two cents, the ego wanted to make it non-offensive but still be heard and my super-ego is telling me don’t post anything, this too shall pass, too many passive agressive posts are out there now, let’s just see what learning and healing process is in store for British and European democacry.

By looking at the ‘me, myself and I’ approach, I’ve found this helps make a choice of how to react and move forward. Whether it’s listening to the inner child (the curious and intrinsic selves) and higher self (the beings we subconsciously manifest ourselves in) or using the different modes/characters* within us, the reaction is conclusive to how I’ve reflected and digested the information presented. It’s all part of paving the paths through learning fully and not by reacting to the loudest, most attention seeking mode/self in that point of time.

* Interesting article on that provides an overview of the ideology behind modes

Wishing you clear reflections x



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