Orchestral environment

The environment is like a symphony made up of a bunch of different instruments, each playing their own little part to create a coherent tune. Our perception of a coherent song depend a lot on our perceptual capabilities. If our perceptual capabilities are not in working order, we may think the the symphony is playing out of tune. Some of the loudest instruments in the symphony that is our environment are other people. They seem to dominate the music, standing out as central aspects of our perceptions of the environment.

Felt the need to log this paragraph from the book ‘Psychology for dummies’ by Adam Cash, to help remember on how to keep in tune into the environment.

This rang true with some of the negative things I was focusing on, all of that dissonance, was making me miss out on taking in all of the beautiful vibrations that were going on elsewhere.

It can get quite tense embracing the dark and heaby, but it’s been a good lesson to acknowledge it’s there, hear what it’s trying to say and then move on and focus on tuning into the beautiful harmony that’s surrounds us.




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