Thoughts on clairvoyancy

This might seem like crazy talk, but this is my current perception on this topic and for me to look back on to see how far I’ve gone with this in the future. I’ve always been apprehensive of talking to people outside of the family about psychics or experiences I’ve had in the past, and this record might be complete comical wash for some, or provide insight on some level for others. But here it is.

According to science, the 6th sense can be explained by manipulative techniques of psychology or even a hyped-up imagination from sci-fi movies.

However, in my experience it’s hard to deny it or feel anyone can convince me otherwise.

Since I can remember, I have always had lucid dreams, like films. Some like an actual movie structure, always on a journey with a mission and others symbolic in ways I couldn’t comprehend at the time but would be predictive messages for event which later took place after.

One of them I had dreamed of blood, tears and the local park during a day dream in class and later that day my sister had a fight in the local park and came home covered in blood, and distraught with tears.

Another time I was half-awake and half-asleep and saw my friends brother wearing a satin waistcoast and juggling at the end of my bed, he was rather good. I had to tell my friend and we laughed it off. The next year a circus training curriculum came to our school to teach some kids some skills and my friends’ brother performed in front of the school, juggling, dressed in exactly the same outfit. My friend was a little bit freaked out but it wasn’t taken as a big deal, we were 9, anything went at this age for us.

I also started to sense things around the house, particularly my mums room and then when we moved, that presence moved to the kitchen. My mum met with a psychic who told her that her nan use to stay in her bedroom in the old house but loves being in the new kitchen in the new house and loved the tiles she choose for the floor.

This freaked me out. As a teenager I felt conflicted by the norms of social acceptance and what I was seeing and feeling. I honestly thought that maybe I was mentally unwell and started to suppress these feelings, I was frightened and even told them to go away. This they did.

This never stopped me going to see a psychic when I was at crossroads, some were bad as it was a game of guessing and going along with yes and no answers for guidance. It was the readings that I didn’t have to say a word that really provided insight. You’re probably thinking, there’s an explaination for all the correct things they say and do, but there isn’t. I just knew I was misguided in mylife by others and believed that a higher beings could help provide clues for the right directions. The guidence worked for me in ways I cannot explain. I would neither encourage or dis-courage anyone from seeing a psychic but only if you felt the want to, or cannot find a solution within yourself.

In the last three years, there had been many changes, I could hardly keep up with myself and had three seperate readings to ensure I was on the right track and the messages were consistant. Each reader was telling me to meditate as my intuition will be getting strong again and that spirit wanted to send messages to me. One reader suggested to test them. I was freaked out and still in the mind set that this is not my social norm, not the practice that would be understood by my peers, my coworkers or even friends.Ā  If I went there, would there be no coming back or would my belief system get so conflicted that it would drive me mad.

I asked my mum on her thoughts and if she thought I was crazy. She said no, but I expected this as she also gets them – she dreamed I was walking home without a door key in the morning, so she got up and opened the door to check, I was just walking up the driveway when she asked if I had a key, I searched my bag and I hadn’t, I’d lost it.

After the psychics had given the advice to seek the messages for myself, I was apprehensive and still afraid. I have since attempted meditations and kept a dreambook. The dreams have become symbolic again and now the meditations are being erractic in visuals but insightful. I meditated asking for messages in my dreams to prove the messages are real and help me understand.

There was a dream that was extremely random and symbolic – no idea what frying ice in an iron pan meant but some of the events in the dream had shown up the next day on social media. These were of family events, friends posting photos of a hen party that was in the dream and even people I hadn’t seen for years who were crying in my dream, they had shared a post on how they had lost someone close. This was enough proof for me to believe there are messages that come through from a higher place.

All that said I’m still worried and not confident in myself to handle this journey, or even coming across as a devinient who doesn’t fit inside the social norms.

It’s not a normal topic or post I know, but I just felt if this was written down, it’ll get off my mind.






  1. Well I am not a physic or a clairvoyant. So, This is what I think. We have deep soul connections with some people and we sense something – like you did with your sister. I think intuition is the 6th Sense, a clear conscious /conscience allows you to pick up stuff, like an early radar warning.

    When I was really young I was told not to have my hand read, then the next week we where all at a wedding and my uncle read my hand . It messed up my life so much, because I kept remembering that it and not liking the reading and I did everything to avoid that reading coming true. It is better not to know and just live life. Because know something and not liking it makes your really go of course – not drastically.

    As for feeling something.

    Well when I was in my final year of university, I had sat a few exams, I was boarding at uni. I was going home to revise from home as it was nicer to be at home. I was speaking to a friend and started to cry uncontrollably and started to speak about my dad in the past tense. My brother calls me to say dad’s in hospital in coma – and I wasn’t surprised. Daddy’s girl and a deep connection – dad reached out to me. This happened at easter, and daddy past away. I had a strong feeling – but I never got to speak to him or get a hug. Then one day in a very vivid dream I was say bye to mum in the morning, she was in the kitchen and I said bye. But then I thought hey there is some one else in the room and It was dad – I got my hug and today it last that soul connection – 23 years on.

    Then in 2012 – my mum and I felt something is going to happen, we didn’t say anything to each other. We just felt a heaviness in the air and – Mummy has a heart attack , We find out she has 90% blockages in 3 arteries and she has to have a bypass.

    then in 2014 we felt a heaviness in the air and on mothers day – my mum got the worst present you can get from an awful daughter in law ( I wont go into detail). That was too stressful

    then in 2015 we felt another heaviness in the air, I turned down a job offer cause I was feeling uneasy mum has a second heart attack and after being told we will manage you by medication , we where back in hospital and she had to have a pacemaker fitted at easter time.

    Anyway – there are people who can read what will happen in your life, and frankly for me – I just wont got there – I don’t think it wise. And you can get cheated.

    I thinks we are souls and we are very powerful, and if we listen we hear to what the universe and the divine is saying to us. We have the power in ourself to know, because we are in tune with our conscience, intuition, and someone out there is giving us early warning to prepare us.

    Like I said not a physic or clairvoyance – just sharing may be too much of my life, but I hope i make some sense in what i am sharing.


    • Thank you for sharing, you’re experience sounds like there’s an undeniable heightened sense with the connection between you and your loved ones. Whatever the sense is labelled or known as to anyone, it’s a beautiful thing that shouldn’t be denied or broken. One that needs our energies drawn to it maybe to help heal or at least gain understanding within or upcoming events.
      There’s an unwritten rule that psychics are not suppose to let you know of the negative things that you cannot avoid, this leaves the person feeling powerless, but instead provide positive guidance on how to accept and work with what we have. I hope you never have to be subjected to any negative perspectives or restricted visions again, should anyone insist on putting it upon you.
      I completely agree with being our own first port of call to listen to what messages are given to us. Personally I prefer a buffer of having a reader to confirm what I might already know and maybe keep myself in check. Maybe this lack of trusting my own judgement yet or my analytical side getting in all possible research before taking action.
      Thank you for sharing on how you see the subject, it’s a beautiful perspective.

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      • Thank you for your enlightening response. I never new that a physic should not say the negative. It was my uncle and he was doing it as hobby, but his predictions did actually come out very very true. Personally, I don’t want to ever have anything read, I stopped reading star signs years ago. I feel, my gut instinct is pretty sharp and when it isn’t i bounce off my mum. And i learn from my mistakes, luckily the mistake are small . Wishing you happy sunday and happy fathers day. Was nice to share perspectives and nice to learn a different view point. Speak soon – regards Bella


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