The power of smell

Aromatherapy is nothing new to most people, neither are it’s benefits.

Positive memories

Having someone walk past wearing a familar fragrance or smelling a dish that instantly bring back memories of home cooked food or just makes you smile from it’s enriching fumes. There’s a stir that arouses the mind and triggers off warmth in the heart and soul. I love it when this happens.

Changes the mood

Potpourri, candeles, diffusers, insense sticks, air fresheners, massage oils and a bunch of flowers are all used to help influence the change of energy in a space or an emotion through their scents.

Roses next to the bed are the preffered smell to go to sleep with at the moment, last month it was diffusing sandlewood to unwind from work. However, others might find other scents that are more useful to them for these purposes.  Explore which scents work for you.

Assists with mindfulness during meditation

There are candles that have combined oils or fragrent insense sticks to lend a helping hand to ease into meditation. If you’re interested in customising your scent, having a diffuser with a selection of oils to complement your mood, or rebalance the chakras during meditation.

I had recently invested in a diffuser and a set of pre-combined meditation oils and essential essenses to use in the evening after work and at the weekend to work it’s magic as I go about the day.

There’s a noticable shift in the mind, body and soul when putting on these acquired scents.

How do you know which scents to use?

A great way to find what you are craving or which chakra you need to rebalance during meditation, is to have a smell of the varieties of essenses. It’s easier to self diagnose by assuming what you might need by checking symptoms, but your body can tell you more accutely than your mind. See which one’s lift you the most and that you would like to drink in more. If there’s ones that make you feel full, you won’t need any more of this energy. But remember, like everything else, energies change and so might your choice of essesnse, so when in doubt, always check in with a sniff every now and then.

Happy sniffing!



One comment

  1. Yes fragrances really make a difference and fresh air in the house. I very much like citrus fragrances, candles. I haven’t go into diffusing yet. I worry about the already damp houses we have in the uk and to have even more moisture in the air doesn’t do the house good. But, as diffuses are every where, it seem like I need to investigate


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