aside Work hard, play harder

It’s been 2 month since I joined a gym. The purpose was to recover from depression and burn out and put my mind and body back into good health with the goal to walk the 6-8 hour mount Fuji trail in August without as much of a struggle.

I went in anxiously for the first 3 weeks. Thinking I wouldn’t be able to do as well as the people around me or that I would find it so difiicult I would want to give up. There were even times when I burst into nervous laughter when the instructor would say certain things were easy or to keep going. Since then, my wellbeing and thoughts on doing workouts have changed. By pushing through, even with thoughts like “Why are you doing this to yourself, you could be at home on the sofa with a glass of red, watching a film!”, I knew this was for the long term gain and I wouldn’t regret it. Now I’ve seen the results as work is easier to handle, I have the energy to socialise and be a positive lifeforce around others.

It’s easy to forget all the benefits that exercise can do with balancing out the mind and it feels good for the soul knowing you’re going in a positie direction. Here’s just a few reminders of what exercise can do:


Boost confidence

Feeling those milestones of improvement and achieving strength, agility or just having a good sweat session, build up confidence that obstacles can be overcome. You are you own motivator.

Reduce anxiety and stress

The release of endorphins rushing through those neurotransmitters is a result of the body being under stress (cortisol release) and reacting to keep a balance. If having all that energy surging through your veins, feeling alive and forgetting all your worries isn’t your reducing stress, I don’t know what will.

Focus and clarity

Another amazing neurotransmitter released during excercise is the elevating levels of Brain-derived neurotrophic factor, which can help improve cognitive function whilst producing new cells in the brain.

Improves body repair


The testosterone and human growth hormones help repair muscles and bone, building up strength after a good workout. Which is also importain to consume foods high in protein to feed these post-workout. Insulin is also another beneficial hormone that regulates carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Be careful not to drink too many sugary energy drinks though, if any form of sugar, fruits are always best as they carry more beneficial nurtients.




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