Welcoming the dark side

This week’s discovery has delved into the benefits of embracing the dark side. Where there is the yin, there is the yang. Without light there is darkness, without darkness, light cannot shine. In the world of physics, there is the law of polar opposites being present in all molecules and energy forces and the actions of one, will drive the another.

The opposite of a fact is falsehood, but the opposite of one profound truth may very well be another profound truth.
Niels Bohr, physician
The dwellings come from reading a blog ‘Why It’s Important To Stop Fearing Your Dark Side & Begin Understanding It‘. It’s a personal perspective on how dismissing the dark side of a personality or thoughts and mental mechanics can maintain the delusion that people shouldn’t and are worser off if they have any ‘dark’ moments.
For a while I had avoided letting my dark side appear in arguements, thoughts or reactions, in fear that the ego was taking over.
Instead of surpressing the dark side of your personality and attempting mantras of nothing but positivity, by acknowledging and working with it, it becomes less of a fight and more of an additional feature of character (even if it is the id or superego – it is what it currently is).
If there is anything going on in the external envrionment that conflicts with personal values, this could bring out the darkness within the forms of defence, attack or denial, just to rectify objectives back up to balance with our the values.
Thinking about it, a lot of arguements or angst I can recall experiencing, derived from moments that conflicted with personal core values. By acknowledging them, I hope to continue learning some deeper understanding about myself, or at least see my negative self from another perspective.
There are times where I have deeply regretted saying things or exploded in rage and even my friends have said in jest that they wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of me. However, there are times where it’s saved relationships, helped me stand up against abusive characters and brought justice to bullying in the workplace.
I guess the thought now is that the dark side shouldn’t be embraced or the driver of the wheel but it most certainly shouldn’t be hidden in moments where it’s strength is needed most and least of all for those who are nearest and dearest. To love someone fully is to love them warts and all, when in light and dark moments. Just remember to take that extra second moment of thought to check it’s the right reaction to take. You could be held responsible for your actions.

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