Buddism and modern psychology

For those who do not have a lot of time to take a part-time course but are eager to learn a specilist subject, check out Coursera.org.

I came across the online course titled ‘Buddism and modern psychology‘. The course is taught by Robert Wright from Princeston University, providing bitesize modules on the various areas around the science of buddism and modern psychology. To help motivate the learning, there are two papers that are required to be written and assessed by fellow students. The course doesn’t cost a thing although some of the other courses on the website will charge for participation and the certificate.

The resources for learning use the various perspectives of monks, scientist and various specialist psychologist and provided great insight into the working of the mind from their views.

If you’re on a journey to make sense of the mind, this is a great place to visit.



  1. Oh this great – love the idea Coursera.org. I think in the UK the open university also give free short courses on line or one of the university’s do – ages back when I looked.

    thank you for this so up my street


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