Becareful what you wish for

You might just get it… sooner then you think.

I had sought to find a psychologist that could potentially help me rewire my brain (metaphoracilly speaking) to help deal with anxiety and processing negativity from others. Whilst the advice was good, it wasn’t quite what I was looking for. I was worried that working on technique of mindfullness alone wasn’t going to work or be financially feasible.

The other day a colleague at work talked about how his mentor and career coach have been helping him along the transitions in his career and the other, on various areas in his life. This made me curious of looking into finding a life coach  as well as practicing mindfullness to help find motivation and direction.

At the end of a yoga class that evening, the teacher announced that if anyone wanted to find out how she got rid of anxiety, depression and addiction to find her soul purpose in life, to approach her and ask. The next day we discussed in more detail over the phone that she was a coach and teaches a one-on-one deep meditation and mindfullness to rewire the way of thinking and find clarity.

I stated that it would need to be next month as the finances weren’t available, but she said to add a date in the diary and then finances will come. That the universe has a funny way of making these things happen faster when we have our mind set on it. Couldn’t have been more fitting to the series of events.



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