Treating an illness or injury

Depression was once described to me as an injury to the mind, except no one can x-ray or visually assess it. However, just like a muscle or bone injury, depending on how serious it is, there will be a treatment out there that will help it get better.

There’s medication to numb the pain and suffering, followed by physiotherapy and advice to keep the body well. I have perceived that all serious injuries will whittle down to these steps. With keeping the body well, treating it right and nourishing it to maintain the health and prevent future injuries.

This applies to the mind as well. Reminding ourselves that mind, body and soul are a unity that need the same equal attention to live a well balanced life. To tip off and over the edge on one corner could led to imbalance the others and then finding that balance again through healing therapies.

The stigma of mental health in some cultures is still under scrutiniy and even physical health come to think of it. If you are suffering, do not ignore the illness or injuries but work with them and find your balance again. Finding help or knowing where to look can be daunting but until you find a professional to help or recommend someone for you who does specialise in the area you’re worried about, the illness or injury will manifest and either make things worse or heal into an augmented state.

It’s not wise to depend on a friend or family member to help you stitch up an open wound, when they’ve never had the knowledge to know how to treat this sort of injury and it wouldn’t be fair to place blame on them for not knowing how.

Speaking as someone who was against taking medication for depression and being skeptical of seeing a counsellor, it wasn’t until I took these steps after being assessed by a doctor, that I was able to slowly heal and find things starting to balance out again.


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