Mind over matter

It’s been an interesting experiement to try and influence the directions that the mind can wander when having conscious reactions. Whenever the mind has produced a negative thought or comment on anything, a counteraction is brought in to question the negative with ‘What if…’ or ‘Perhaps this actually was meant to come across as…’.

Initially, the perceieved message could have registered inacurately and in that split second could go down two roads. Positive or negative. By detaching the input in those few seconds, it prevents carrying out a regretful reactions. Although it’s said in psychological practice, it’s ok to be angry, personally I have found dealing with these called-for negative reactions unconstructive.

By allowing the mind to wander through meditation in a quiet and private space, this allows the mind to excert the efforts it goes through as an outlet for thoughts. Writing down after any re-occuring thoughts that pop up during meditation to learn more about what is ‘playing’ on the mind.


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