Treading water

There are many ways to describe depression and it could range on the scale of mild to extreme. To help understand how to recognise or empathise with these feelings, it’s useful to use metaphors, art or music.

When describing to a counsellor how I was feeling, the most fitting description was that of treading water, whilst keeping others afloat. Gasping for air and wanting to stop  the struggle to keep my head above the water and simple float to the bottom to rest. It ‘felt’ like the only way out of it, but guilt is what stopped actioning anything.

No one knew, the counsellor was the only person I had told this to.

Being an internal manisfestation, it’s hard to recognise someone who is in that state. In the beggining, it may even go unnoticed to the person going into depression. Once aware of the signs of depression, it’s best to tell a trusted friend or family member, if not a counsellor, what may be going on and find strategies that work best for you to work through it.

There is no shame in going to a counsellor or psychiatrists for help. Their skills are used to help change your perspective on the experience and help see outside the (mind) box. At first, the thought of seeking help was worrying to be seen as crazy, pathetic, time-wasting and weak. But that was far from the truth. Just from hearing advice from a specialist who works on depression is not only insightful, but also helps to keep depression at bay, as well as look differently at triggers that take you there.

If you’re going through depression, the best tip is to put it down on paper. By letting your thoughts fester, the mind will continue to feed your emotions with unnessary thoughts and event make up stories. What’s the sense in getting angry at a made up scenario in your head? The mind is a powerful thing, but so is your strength to influence the change.


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